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Welcome to Cape Ann MA.
We hope you enjoy the photo tour, a bit of poetry and art.
We share with a variety of bloggers. Check them
out and enjoy your visit here. Thanks. ^_^

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'One can never consent to creep when
one feels an impulse to soar.'
~ Helen Keller

'Ten Pound Island' on Cape Ann MA
situated somewhat in the middle of the harbor of Gloucester  it was allegedly purchased from the Native Americans
for that ludicrous amount. Now, there is a
population that we continue to do a great disservice.
We are all so connected and equal.
When do we learn? I wonder.

'O' ~ for Oh my ! Beautiful flowers blooming on Cape Ann MA

This is a 'working lobster boat' on Cape Ann MA

Soon the pleasure boats will be out. Before my
husband passed away, we were always one of the
first to have our boat in the water ~
from April until October ~ weather permitting.
Grateful for the memories ~ Love boating.

Always fascinating on Cape Ann MA
not just because of the ocean also
for the variety of fences, woods, and The Boulevard

Thankful for where I live on Cape Ann MA.
Also for Spring, finally 'popping' into our
area with beautiful  flowers.

Sky Watch Friday ~ 
Watching skies on Cape Ann MA this
week and weekend proved to be interesting.
Such variety to please the eye.

Haiku My Heart ~ 
Haiku ~
 (when words printed on photo or painting it becomes a Haiga)

Mother Nature did surprise us this weekend with
very warm weather and flowers blooming
everywhere on Cape Ann MA

Paint Party Friday ~ 
An Angel beginning to bloom on
Cape Ann MA

This is the very start of an angel and I am
very indecisive whether to keep her more ethereal
with watercolor or include pen and ink for more
Check back next week and see how this angel
 wanted to appear to you and me.

'This is my fierce look.' She has a new camera and now
neither me nor Cape Ann MA is safe. 

More Critters ~ a different type of 'critter' ~ 
Quirky Critter on Cape Ann MA

Used to plant pretty flowers in the pot
until some wild critter decided it would
make a great breakfast. Now only plant flowers
in rail planters on our deck.

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ 
With sun comes shadows on Cape Ann MA
We had quite the weather for Easter ~ not only
sunshine but temps in the high 80' and humid.

Sunday Sketches ~ 
Rambunctious Bunny ~ 
Easter was too much for this bunny ~ needs repairs
Humidity too much for the little bunny.

We are wishing you the best in your days. xox

Your posted comments are a treasure to us. thanks, ^_^

ArtMusedog  owner ~ carol